The integral part of education is to learn duty, devotion and dedication. Walking the aisle as a teacher, our foremost duty is to impart values to young receptive minds in a congenial child centric ambience of learning because education is not only books but an all round mature development of both mind and body and bringing out the best in a child. It has always been our sincere endeavour to create a pleasant atmosphere with a record of continuous comprehensive evaluation of the academics provided for the young learners. Teachers as facilitators, provide provision for progressive guidance whenever needed in inculcating, preserving, negotiating human and humane values in the young mind while encouraging physical, mental, emotional, social and aesthetic principles in life. Recognizing the demands of the day and the challenges facing today's children, the framing of academics and co-curricular activities have been increased and technically improved and modernized, encouraging participation in various academic and co-curricular activities. The children of our school are recipients of prizes and accolades and recognition from inter school competition in academics and co curricular activities from various quarters. Special plans have been implemented for the need of individuals and low achievers. Annual implementation of regular health check-up and psychological counseling programs on intervals encourage and assure a sound development of the students. Most of our plans have been satisfying and I wish my school to follow the path of success in all possible streams of academic pursuits. I pray to God to give us more insight, devotion and dedication towards the education of children. May we all, the members of the school, carry the banner of the institution with pride and honour. May we all come together to make the fabric of Salt Lake Point School strong and lasting.


"Arise Awake and Stop not till the goal is reached" - Swami Vivekananda
With this motto, Salt Lake Point School pledges to move from strength to strength, nourishing the students from their early years to face their future and goal in life.